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Maya Digital Marketing Icon -  About Maya Digital Marketing Agency | London UK
Maya Digital Marketing Icon -  About Maya Digital Marketing Agency | London UK

Evolving from an award-winning experimental cocktail bar in London UK

Our Speciality at Maya Digital

into a fully integrated marketing agency for hospitality brands and businesses

we use our 20+ years of industry experience to create long lasting memories that people want to talk about and share.

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It began with a
mission to change
the way people and
brands connect.

Maya Digital Marketing Agency -  Bold ideas


Maya Digital Marketing Agency -  Smart Strategies



Connect with people in a new way


The Botanist Hunt Cocktail Winner

Using bold ideas, edgy concepts and smart strategies, we discovered the power of connecting with people in a new way. From getting spanked by a dominatrix in Cocktails in the City (which we won against Jamie Oliver), to fetish cocktails for first dates (way to break the ice, right?).

We served cocktails inside an edible waterfall (we won that one too!), developed the first ever sustainable cocktail for BMW’s first sustainable dress (modelled by supermodel Hayley Baldwin), expanded Julien MacDowell’s range to glassware and helped Diageo move online with the launch of Cocktail Courier….to name just a few.

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Not just another
creative marketing agency

About Maya - Not just another creative marketing agency

After opening multiple hospitality businesses, we were increasingly approached by others in the industry to create concepts, develop marketing campaigns, build growth strategies, provide ongoing advice and execute groundbreaking ideas.

We quickly discovered that the industry-specific skills and knowhows we learned on our journey were something that other marketing and PR agencies couldn’t offer. No longer seeing our partners as “clients” or “collaborations”, we create personal connections that allow us to work and grow together as a family. That is how Maya Digital Marketing Agency was born.

“If you want to make a change, begin by creating culture. Culture beats strategy – so much of that culture is strategy.”


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The success of your brand relies on well-defined values from the start. At Maya Digital, we hold branding workshops and carry out company and client research to help you develop a thorough understanding of your business and its objectives.



We then develop strategies and brand identities that reflect your values and USP’s. We aim to create brands that are distinctive and unique, by developing strong consistent languages that connect and engage with your target audience.



This is the exciting bit where you get to watch your brand come to live. We roll out your brand across whichever medium speaks to your audience the most, creating beautiful consistency across every touchpoint.

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Let’s talk
about you.

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