Brand Strategy for the first ever Fetish and Fantasy Cocktail menu in the world

Fux Plug cocktail. Developing a bold brand that brought sensuality and ice breakers into the drinks scene

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Developing a bold brand that brought sensuality and ice breakers into the drinks scene

We developed a brand strategy that accentuated the personality of an emerging hospitality company, Three Six Six.

Creating the first ever Fantasy and Fetish cocktail menu in the world, this really got heads turning at Design My Night, SW Londoner, The Drinks Business, Buzz Feed and Bar Chick.

Get a taste for yourself below:

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Research and brand strategy • Conceptual Brand Design • Marketing Campaigns • Social Strategy • content creation • Social media marketing • Videography • Photography

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Fox Plug Cocktail Brand Strategy

Fox Plug 

Ron de Jeremy, Ketchup infused Banana liquor, Fresh almonds, Viagra tonic, Chipotle syrup, Lime juice  

Gag Ball Cocktail Brand Strategy

Gag Ball

Organic Papagayo Blanco rum, Yellow Chartreuse, Mandarin Napoleon, Orange juice, Pomegranate molasses

Golden Shower cocktail Cocktail Brand Strategy

Golden Shower

(Couples only, 2 drinks)

Saliza Amaretto, Beefeater gin, Lime, Pineapple & Grapefruit juice, Orange shrub, English chilli syrup, Angostura bitters, Fresh chilli, Prosecco

Black Hole & The Theory of Everything Cocktail Brand Strategy

Black Hole & The Theory of Everything

Heavy Water Vodka, Square One Cucumber, Beefeater Gin, Rose & Raspberry cordial, Vanilla liquor, Strawberry jelly, Prosecco, Edible ash

Unlike the Monach Butterfly Cocktail Brand Strategy

Unlike the Monarch Butterfly

Tanqueray 10, Lavender Honey, Chamomile and Honey Tea, Honey Syrup, Lemon & Grapefruit juice, Chia Tincture, Edible butterfly, dried Grapefruit, burnt Rose petals

The Child Within Cocktail Brand Strategy

The Child Within 

Annatto infused 1800 Tequila Blanco, Ancho Chile syrup, Tamarind syrup, Viagra Bitters, Lime juice, Pomegranate molasses, Hibiscus float tincture  

Frijoles Negros Cocktail Brand Strategy

Frijoles Negros

Popcorn infused Jim Beam, Truffle bitters, Frijoles Negros Syrup, Pineapple Jam, Passion fruit puree, Black sesame seed powder, Parsley

Moorish Nights Cocktail Brand Strategy

Moorish Nights

Darnley’s View spiced Gin, Ron Abuelo 12yo, Chocolate liquor, Grated cinnamon, fresh Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Lemon curd, Yellow pepper puree, Cardamom syrup, Orange juice, Three Six Six Botanical smoke

The One with NO Name Cocktail Brand Strategy

The One with NO Name

Plymouth Gin, Apricot brandy, Cointreau liquor, Lime juice, Strawberry puree, #5 bitters

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